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"Detective Conan Special: Secret of the Birth of the Kaito Kid"
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Episode Summary: After being in remission for eight years, the Kaito Kid suddenly makes a reappearance by robbing a jewelry store. The news about the theft spreads around the school of Kuroba Kaito, a prankster magician. When his friend Aoko Nakamori informs him that the Phantom Thief uses magic as well, Kaito decides to catch him, claiming that his tricks are the best. At home, Kaito finds a secret room which was timed to reveal itself on that day and discovers a room full of Kaito Kid's equipment. Later that day, inspector Ginzo Nakamori, Aoko's father, learns that the Phantom Thief is targeting a jewel known as the Moon's Pupil and prepares an ambush at the jewel's location. Meanwhile, Kaito deduces that eight years ago is the same time, his father, Toichi Kuroba, died and suspects the original Phantom Thief was his father. To confirm that theory, he decides to don the Kaito Kid costume to confront the current Kid. Kid manages to successfully steal the Moon's Pupil but is confronted by Kaito. The current Kid reveals that he is Jii Kounosuke, Toichi's servant who confirms that Toichi was the Kaito Kid and also reveals that Toichi’s death eight years previous was the result of murder. Kaito decides to take over the role of Kid, and he and Jii escape from the police. Later the next day, as Kaito is admiring the Moon’s Pupil, Aoko comes and scares him with a fish which causes him to toss the Moon's Pupil into the air and fall into the fish's mouth. Consequently, Inspector Nakamori finds the jewel when he cooks the fish for dinner that night.

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  1. LIghtning

    Nov 23rd, 2012

    the precursor to Detective Conan… now modernized. Cool!

  2. ShinRan

    Jun 4th, 2013

    really like DC

  3. Athrin

    Jun 10th, 2013

    Oh man! Go Kaito! Thankyou DC for introducing him. :p

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  5. faglol

    Jul 18th, 2013

    good show.

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  8. VenEnfield

    Jan 15th, 2014

    haha Kaito kid has a lot of tricks

  9. itninja

    Jan 20th, 2014

    detective conan!

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  11. Persona345

    Mar 13th, 2015

    love this show!

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