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"Kaito Kid Special: The Fated Blue Birthday"
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Episode Summary: After a successful heist, Kid receives a phone call from a payphone and is told to stop stealing gems. At school, Kaito promises Aoko he will attend her birthday party, which is on the same day as his heist for the gem known as the Blue Birthday. Kaito succeeds but is met by an organization and learns that they are the cause of his father's death. After seemingly killed by a man codenamed Snake, the organization steals the Blue Birthday and departs. Kaito follows them and learns the organization are searching for an immortality granting jewel known as Pandora which resides in a large gemstone and can only be found if shone in the moonlight. After determining the Blue Birthday is not pandora, Kaito threatens to find and destroy Pandora before they can find it. Unable to make it to Aoko's birthday in time, Kaito rigs an apartment complex's lights to spell out Happy Birthday Aoko. Elsewhere, the organization contacts their boss who decides to hire the magician known as Spider to counter Kid.

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