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"Kaito Kid Special: The Witch, The Detective, and The Phantom Thief"
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Episode Summary: Kaito Kid strikes again, leaving the jewel behind where the Police got confused on what he is after. Hakuba then found an evidence left by Kid, his strand of hair. Then after they examined the hair, they found out that it belong to a high school student. After putting an all-nighter, Hakuba suspected Kaito then invites him. Where Akako intervene saying it is a trap. Knowing that it is all a trap he took up the challenge. Kaito's identity was almost revealed until another Kaito showed up which is Akako, flying with a broom. Spider then caught Akako and used her to take Kaito out but failed. Hakuba then interfere saying Spider is Gunter von Goldberg which is a fake name. Spider escaped and Hakuba failed to reveal the identity of Kaito Kid. Kaito returned again the stolen jewel and Aoko shouted that Kaito Kid is a gay.

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  1. Bibekdeep

    Jan 5th, 2014

    Never knew that crystal balls used Kansai-ben… Learn something new everyday

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