Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 17 English Subbed

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7 Responses to “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Episode 17”

  1. huio

    Jul 26th, 2014

    that was fast,for a fansub

  2. nekoouji

    Jul 26th, 2014

    lucky got IDM no need to wait for DL but some how if download from the player it just 80kbps but if wait for DL the download speed of 1 episode is 200+kbps

  3. EduardGH

    Jul 26th, 2014

    Spoiler: This anime is an adaptation from a series of light novels (just like SAO) i’ve read all the published ones, so here is what happens: Tatsuya’s mind has been modified, because he was a failture as a magician(he could only decompose or restore a target’s information, not modify it), by his mother and her sister, they overwrote the information in his mind, in order to make him capable to change a target’s information, the experiment on him was a partial succes: he became a “fine”magician, but he was slower in activating magic from cad, so they also wrote some activation secuences to make him more capable, as a collateral result he lost all his emotions, except for his love (as a brother, sorry for the hoping guys, but they both confirm that they have only a really really strong sibling relationship in the 5th book)for his little sister Miyuki

    edit ep .17. I think this series is going to have at least 24 epiisodes if not more, up until now we almost completed 4 books, then I think there is going to be the Yokohama Disturbance in books 6-7 and the 5th book adaptation, will be released as another special of 20 mins

  4. chibi

    Jul 26th, 2014

    wow wat a spoiler but this episode is pretty good
    i wish they could’ve focused on the game more and i’m really interested in tatsuya can’t wait for the next episode

  5. ManWithKnife

    Jul 26th, 2014

    spoiler yes, but nothing you couldn’t find out on Wikipedia. where there is a full english translation of all of the light novels. Still worth watching the episodes even if you’ve read the novels. Thanks for the upload

  6. samuraisone

    Jul 26th, 2014

    this reminds me of harry potter now.cant wait for the next episode : )

  7. olympus

    Jul 27th, 2014

    ohoh he got Pissed off he was going to pluc is eyes out

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