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"Pillar 12 - Realist but Romanticist"
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Episode Summary: Solomon, who has forgotten Dantalion's identity, demands that Dantalion should not interfere with his battle against Baalberith and the other demons. Shocked and unable to go against him, Dantalion is beaten down by Solomon's powers while remembering his past history with the latter: Despite being imprisoned by his father, King David, and being labeled as "a child of sin", Solomon summoned demons and subjected them under his control while also befriending many of them. Despite being powerful, Solomon did not raise arms against his father and lived most of his life peacefully with his demon companions, much to Dantalion's bewilderment. After crushing his father's army that was sent to kill him, Solomon took over the kingdom of Israel. Although Solomon showed his father mercy, David refused to acknowledge him as his son and cursed him, much to Solomon's sadness. Soon after, Solomon requested to die by Dantalion's hands. Regaining consciousness, Dantalion saves Baalberith from being destroyed by Solomon and urges William to remember who he is to break Solomon's control over his body. Lucifer awakens from his sleep (Michael and Kevin could sense this from Heaven) and meets with Solomon, who then allows Dantalion to remove his ring to release his control over William. With Lucifer awake, the election for the interim ruler is halted and William is returned to the human world. However, William is distraught to learn that no one at the school, except for him (and Kevin), remembers Dantalion, Sytry, and Camio. On his way out from visiting Kevin at the church, Solomon's ring falls out of his clothes and is picked up by Dantalion, who smiles and asks William to take good care of it.

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