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"Pillar 6 - The One Who Scheme"
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Episode Summary: Still hurt by Kevin's distant behavior, Isaac encourages an upset William to invite Kevin to family day at the school to find a chance to talk to him. During the event, Mycroft asks William to let him take the day off to avoid meeting with his father, Adrian Swallow, due to the pressure of being sent to a military school after his father's near-death accident. Adrian meets William, slightly disturbing the latter when the former invited him to dinner, but Kevin intervenes before William could accept. On his parents' behest, Mycroft requests that William comes to his manor to meet his family. Sensing Beelzebub at work, Dantalion and Sytry tags along to protect William, although they have no intention to interfere with Beelzebub's affairs in accordance to demon law. William dozes off at the party being held the manor and awakens to find that Adrian's corpse is possessed by demon, Eligos, one of Solomon's pillars and current subordinate to Beelzebub. Eligos attempts to kill William for her master, but Dantalion saves him. When Sytry and Mycroft enter the room, Eligos plans to take Mycroft's soul once she realizes that she is outnumbered. William wishes to save Mycroft, but Sytry stops him and explains that Eligos has the right to take Mycroft's soul because of the law. Dantalion volunteers to save Mycroft if William elects him to rule Hell, but then an exorcist and servant of Kevin, Raguel, arrives and tries to exorcise Eligos, who escapes. Returning to school, William and Kevin reconcile their relationship. Later that day, Kevin is revealed to be the archangel Uriel as he speaks to Raguel, who pleads with him to leave the school. However, Kevin is determined to stay so the demons will not take Solomon's soul.

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