Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode 3 English Subbed

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"Where Have You Been?!"

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Episode Summary: Some months later, the village has adopted the Scholar's farming methods. Crimson Scholar and Hero, now assuming the identity of the White Swordsman have a meeting with the nun in charge of the Lake convent in Lake Nation, whom they discover to be actually Female Knight, a member of Hero's old party. To justify Hero's disappearance, Crimson Scholar claims to Female Knight that she found him severely wounded from his fight with the Demon King and upon saving his life, he offered his protection in gratitude. They learn from her that one of Hero's companions, Archer, went to serve one of the royal families of the Southern Kingdoms while Female Magician, left for the Demon Realm looking for him. Scholar reveals her secret weapon to Female Knight, potatoes, a crop then unknown in the Human Realm, and its benefits and ask her and the Church to spread the crop and teach people of the Southern countries to farm it which Female Knight agrees. Meanwhile the Merchant Alliance guild receives a present from the Scholar, a dry compass, and upon discussing its benefits, they decide to look for a way to monopolize the compass. Back at the villa, Hero decides to search for Female Magician in the Demon Realm and before he departs, the Queen presents him with an imposing black armor and instructs him to use it while acting there as an enforcer under her command and meets some Demon leaders he can trust.

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  1. Taylor

    Jan 18th, 2013

    A lot of Japanese anime and stories involve demons being beautiful and the good guys. I wonder why.

  2. Jonathonman

    Jan 19th, 2013

    i often wondered the same thing and came to the conclusion. cuz its just better that way.

  3. Rezuu

    Jan 19th, 2013

    i’ve been waiting for the armor! yay~

  4. Yuuji

    Jan 19th, 2013

    Bwahahaha, yeah he will come back, with a fiance~ That nigg is a pimp.

  5. luckynino

    Mar 14th, 2013

    jeez have to leave comment before downloading

  6. DonBono

    Aug 27th, 2013

    Nice show

  7. Tryhardrussian

    Dec 5th, 2015

    I love how no one really seems to have names XD Like, there’s no name for the hero, he’s just Hero. Then there’s Female Knight, Archer, Demon King, etc XD

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