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"— Welcome back, Hero! — Yeah, Old Man. I'm Back!"
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Episode Summary: Elder Sister Maid asks Crimson Scholar why does war exists as the latter explains their causes. Meanwhile, with the help of faeries, the Black Knight causes nightmarish illusions to the Crusader armies in Gateway City, affecting their sanity and morale including the Crusader Commander. The Crimson Scholar arrives at the Winter King's camp and offers her aid to him and Female Knight. To counter the Arctic General and his demons advantage over the sea, the Winter Kingdom forces build a land bridge using floating icebergs with the salt Scholar brought to hold them together. Now fighting them in even ground, Female Knight leads the Winter Kingdom armies and claim the beachhead at Aurora Island. Despite their success, they must now prepare a long siege at the Arctic General's fortress. But the Winter armies gets an unexpected help when Hero teleports to their camp and the Crusader armies coming from Gateway City. It is revealed the Crusaders abandoned the city and its civilians to the mercenary General of the Eastern Fortress. Now in command, the General forms a new government with the city's influential demons to maintain peace between their races. The demons launches one last offensive only to be defeated when Female Knight slays the Arctic General. As the Winter kingdom celebrates their recaptured of Aurora island, the Winter King rewards Crimson Scholar and Female Knights with titles. Archer reunites with Hero and tells him not to isolate himself due to his powers as he still has friends who care about him.

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