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"I'll be back soon. We'll see each other soon"

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Episode Summary: As the second summer arrives, the Winter Kingdom has improved significantly with the Crimson Scholar sending one of her students, the Merchant Youngster to help the Winter King. After training with Female Knight and tasting Younger Sister Maid's carbonated drink, the Hero heads back to Gateway City as the Black Knight to attend a festival. While feasting with the Eastern Fortress General, the Fire Dragon Princess, daughter of the Archduke Fire Dragon, arrives much to Hero's chargin as the Princess considers herself as the Black Knight's wife. Realizing time is running out for her, the Scholar brings Hero along with Elder Sister Maid, whom has become her apprentice, to the Iron Nation to show a new invention that will improve the education of the humans, the Printing press. During one night when both the Queen and Female Knight sleep together with Hero, the Queen reveals to Female Knight that she will be going back to the Demon Realm to maintain her rule and go on a ritual that will renew her right to rule and ask her to protect Hero. Before she and Chief Maid head back to the Demon Realm, the Queen gives Elder Sister Maid a magical ring that will change her appearance to look like her so she can attend meetings in her place. Meanwhile, the Crusader Commander is sentence to death for cowardice and abandoning Gateway City but is rescued by the White Kingdom. Bitter over the Winter Kingdom's success, the White King and the Commander joins forces to devise a plot against them.

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