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"The Excitement Never Stops"

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Episode Summary: With Caldia's Orb on Earth, Ginta takes Babbo's Gargoyle to Earth for the final battle. The two end up in Tokyo, where their battle eradicates the city and destroys a large part of the population. Snow's spirit, however, combines with Koyuki's to form one being, and by doing so removing the magical stone from Snow. Ginta uses the stone to create a more powerful Gargoyle that uses the hopes of MÄR-Heaven to defeat the Orb once and for all. With the Orb destroyed, peace brought to MÄR-Heaven, everyone who was killed by King revived, and Danna restored, Ginta returns to his own world with his father. At the very end, Ginta and Koyuki, who has fused into one being with Snow, walk home together at sunset. She clings to his arm and they both blush.

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