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"The Scattered and Dyed Rose"

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Episode Summary: Alviss, Ginta and Dorothy head back to the castle to kill Phantom. They were stopped by Rolan, who said only Alviss could go forward with him. When both of them reached the throne room, Phantom, along with Candice, had disappeared. Enraged, Rolan tried to kill Alviss, but stopped when he heard the teen cry out in pain. Using a sharpened vine, Rolan stabbed himself to death, wishing that he and Phantom could meet again in a more peaceful reborn life. Alviss, Ginta and Dorothy heads off after Phantom. Candice tried to stop them from killing Phantom, but failed. When Alviss was about to kill Phantom, he hesitated, and Phantom plunged the Prifickave into his own body, thus ending his own immortal life, much to Alviss's shock. Alviss is freed from the Zombie Tattoo.

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