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"Alviss' Light"

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Episode Summary: Alviss faces off against King and discovers that his identity is Danna Toramizu, Ginta's father and the one who helped save MÄR-Heaven six years ago. When Alviss was about to die in King's hands, he saw Rolan and Phantom, who encouraged him to stand up and fight, and so did Bell (although she did not know they were there). Alviss sacrificed himself by holding King down so that his ÄRM a Baoa Qu could activate and blow King (along with him) up. King escapes, but Alviss is severely wounded. Before dying, Alviss uses the last of his magical power to activate the ÄRM that Ash left behind. When Dorothy, Ginta, and Babbo leave to go to the stolen Caldian castle, Alviss thanks Bell and dies.

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