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"A Flat-Chested Error"
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Episode Summary: Kanako has failed in several subjects in the mid-year examinations, so she has to take the supplementary exams. She decides then to study very hard. It turns out that before the exams Kanako was constantly distracted by Mariya, who decided to act like a roommate to Kanako for once and subsequently led to her failures. Thanks to Matsurika's sleep-hypnosis techniques, Kanako almost boycotts the exam and nearly fails again. However, she manages to pass all the exams. Yet, her troubles don't end as she's punished by God for not having passed the exams the first time round. Kiri is given a love letter by a man on a train. It turns out that the man is way older than she is and she has no interest in him. Kanako, Yuzuru and Sachi try their best to find a way to reject the man's advances. Matsurika helps solve the problem by chopping a "Rejected" seal on all of the documents and such the man has given Kiri, leading him to give up on her. However, the next day, Sachi happens to get a love letter from the same man.

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