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"Savior of the World"
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Episode Summary: Yuri holds Ringo into her room that coincidentally is next to a room Shoma is staying with a classmate on a field trip. Shoma rushes to rescue her after figuring this but he trips and falls unconscious after bumping his head. Meanwhile, Yuri reminisces about her father, a famous artist who used to tell her she was ugly and convinced her to let him use his chisel on her as he claimed that by only making her "beautiful" he would be able to love her. Yuri started getting seriously injured by her father and she makes friends with her classmate Momoka who claims that her diary has the power of transferring fates in exchange for a price. Back to the present, Natsume appears before Yuri to steal the half of the diary in her possession and despite seemingly successful, it is revealed that she was tricked by Yuri and left with a forgery. After Shoma awakes, Yuri reveals to him that she has half of the diary and just like Momoka saved her from her abusing father by severely injuring herself with the power of the diary, Yuri is determined to use it to bring her back to life.

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  1. crnr


    Mar 24th, 2015

    ROFL that was a big epic FAIL LOL so much for the prince trying to rescue the princess
    WOW so that’s how a father should raise his daughter -_-”

    how the crap did all the happenings went down the drain and turn to a battle scene at the end -_-???

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