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"My Fated One or My Soul mate"
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Episode Summary: After the incident at the construction site, Tabuki quit his job and leaves Yuri, while Kanba is praised by his parents for protecting Himari, claiming that once their true objective is reached, they will become together again. Kanba makes use of some money he got from them to throw a party for Himari with Shouma and Ringo to celebrate her return home, while Himari wonders about her conversation with Sanetoshi as she doubts that she will eventually be cured. He also has a conversation with Masako, who reaffirms her intentions to stop his plans. Masako then pays a visit to Himari and demands her to remember about her true past, as she claims Himari is not Kanba's real sister. She approaches her with a modified slingshot designed to restore forgotten memories, but is stopped by Kanba and Shouma who had just returned home. However Himari manages to remember her past and realize that she indeed is not Kanba and Shouma's sister and it was her soulmate, who is actually Shouma that saved her.

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