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"The Door of Fate That We Choose"
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Episode Summary: Ringo is approached by a journalist asking about the Takakura siblings, but she avoids him and warns Himari about him. Later that night, Himari, who was told by the same journalist about how Kanba have been collecting money for her treatment, trails him to the shop where he supposedly meet his parents just to find the place torn down and have a shocking revelation. Shouma is informed by the journalist about Kanba's involvement with the Kiga Group and tries to stop him by force with no success. Meanwhile, Tabuki and Yuri also reach the shop and just like Himari, find the skeletons of the Takakura couple before being attacked by an unknown assailant. Shouma, who finds that Kanba ordered the journalist to be killed in a car accident, and was informed by Sanetoshi that the medicine will not prolong Himari's life for long, informs her that they can't live as a family anymore and sends her to live with his uncle. Later the Kiga group, whose true leader is actually Kanba prepares themselves to make a large scale operation, and Himari, seen standing next to him, claims that she is determined to stop him at the cost of her life.

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