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"The Destination Of Fate"
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Episode Summary: On the day of the terrorist attack, 16 years before, Sanetoshi is confronted by Momoka who was determined to stop him. Her spirit ends up splitting in two with each half being the penguin hats used by Himari and Mario, and Sanetoshi is divided into the two black rabbits that are always accompanying him. Back to the present, Shouma is informed that Himari's life is at its end and Ringo conforts him while Kanba is taken by Sanetoshi to a gravely injured Masako and brings her from the dead before his eyes. Despite Masako's pleas, Kanba leaves with Sanetoshi to continue his plan, carrying her half of the diary with himself. Shouma sees a vision of Himari asking him to stop Kanba. It seems that Himari kisses Shouma, but their faces are off screen. When Kanba comes to fetch her, Shouma is shot unconsious by him with a penguin bullet. Ringo is called by Kanba to the aquarium and a bomb explodes knocking her out. Sanetoshi watches her struggling to stop her half of the diary from being burned out and after she fails, he has Kanba burn the other half. Shouma wakes up and manages to reach Kanba determined to stop his plans.

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  1. crnr


    Apr 1st, 2015

    looks like I won’t be talking about fate that lightly anymore as I did in the past, I don’t think I can joke about it anymore TT-TT

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