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"I Love You"
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Episode Summary: Shouma tries to dissuade Kanba with no success while Ringo also boards the train, claiming she had learned from the present she got from Himari's friends the secret spell contained into the now lost diary. She activates the spell determined to sacrifice herself to save Himari and the others, but Shouma takes the burden to himself, telling her this is a punishment for him and Kanba to bear, and that he loves her. Kanba sacrifices himself to resurrect Masako and Himari for good. The terrorist attack is stopped and both Himari and Ringo are found unconsious with no memories about the brothers or everything that happened. The same occurs for Masako whose brother Mario also fully recovers. While hanging out with Ringo at her house, Himari finds a message left by Kanba and Shouma that tells her they will always love her. She starts crying without knowing the reason why while Shouma and Kanba (in children form) pass the front of her house accompanied by the four penguins talking about fate.

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  1. kimthecreator


    Jul 21st, 2013

    This show was amazing. The ending reminded me of Guilty Crown’s ending: filled with sorrow, sacrifice, loss, and a glint of hope. I know I will never ever experience a show like that…oh gosh I have to crush this feeling of longing.

  2. dogpie

    May 12th, 2014

    this anime is fucking beautiful

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