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"A Princess Descends"
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Episode Summary: As Ringo gets help from Himari preparing lunch for a 'date' with Tabuki at the park, Kanba tasks Shōma to go with her and look through her bag for her diary, believing it may be related to the Penguindrum. When they reach the park, they encounter a runaway skunk who runs off after squirting Ringo in stink. After changing clothes, Ringo and Shōma meet up with Tabuki, who brings along the woman Ringo saw him with, an actress named Yuri Tokikago. Come lunchtime, Ringo's prepared lunch gets eaten by crows, leaving her in the shadow of Yuri's picnic. In order to fulfil a 'first kiss' note in her diary, Ringo plans to jump into the pond and have Tabuki save her. However, the skunk appears again and knocks her in, forcing Shōma to save her instead and perform CPR on her, though Ringo believes Tabuki to be the one who did it. Later that evening, a girl that Kanba met up with earlier is pushed down the escalator of a train station, completing the description in Ringo's diary.

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