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"End of Earth"

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Episode Summary: High school student Kinjirō Sakamachi had a rude awakening from his sister, Kureha Sakamachi. After he arrives at school, he narrates the circumstance of Subaru Konoe being a butler of Kanade Suzutsuki. It was then revealed he may have gynophobia, after a weird encounter with Nakuru Narumi. He cools himself off in the toilet where he discovers Subaru Konoe wearing girl's underwear, a dispute happens and Subaru starts chasing Kinjirō around the school, attacking him. After an attempt to save Subaru from a falling object. Kinjirō discovers Subaru is a girl from her chest causing the angered Subaru to throw a fire extinguisher at him knocking him unconscious. He wakes up in the infirmary, chained to the bed except for one hand which he uses to discover Kanade by his side, after being teased by her she explains her family's circumstance and why Subaru has to dress up as a boy. She threatens Kinjirō with a violent Subaru and his gynophobia (a nose bleed when a girl touches him). It is then revealed that Kanade might be a sadist. She forcibly forms a contract with him to keep the Subaru gender matter a secret and finding a way to cure his phobia. Then begins his nightmarish school life.

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