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"Stray Butler and I - the Chicken"

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Episode Summary: Masamune finds and wakes up the unconscious Kinjirō on the overpass. Kinjirō realizes where Subaru might be and Masamune gives him a ride to the inn at the hot spring resort where they had previously gone over the summer. Kinjiro finds Subaru there and they spend the night at the inn. That night, it is revealed that Subaru has deeper feelings for Kinjiro that involve going further than just kissing, but Kinjirō declines because he doesn't want to just do it on impulse (and because of his gynophobia). The next morning, Kanade picks up Subaru and Kinjirō and they go to school. Because Subaru is no longer a butler, when Kinjirō asks where Subaru is, Kanade tells Kinjirō that Subaru transferred schools. The "Let's warmly protect Subaru-Sama committee", S4, and Kinjirō are all shocked at this news, but then a new transfer student comes in, Punyuru Takanashi, who is actually Subaru, but dressed like a normal girl. Punyuru is invited to eat lunch with Kinjirō when Subaru reveals to him that she enjoys being a butler more than a "normal" school girl. With that in mind, Kinjirō enlists the help of the S4 to get petitions signed so that Subaru can become a butler again. The next day, Subaru is helping Kanade out of the car as her butler and everything returns to normal (except it turns out that Punyuru had to "transfer" to another school again). Later that night, Subaru calls Kinjirō over to the park where she thanks him by forcefully planting a kiss on him. Kinjirō subsequently gets a nosebleed and passes out and the episode ends with him reflecting on how long their adventures as a wandering butler and a gynophobic chicken will last.

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