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"We don't use glasses merely as a vision correction tool or a fashion accessory (...) That is our Glasses Club"
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Episode Summary: The Glasses Club (composed of five boys: Akira, Mitsuki, Takuma, Yukiya and Hayato) are determined to successfully create a pair of X-ray glasses in time for the school's vision test, in order to see the female nurse giving out the test naked.

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  1. sao


    Oct 7th, 2013

    What in god’s name did I just watch…..?
    Not bad though……

  2. lotusflower

    Oct 8th, 2013

    lmao im with sao here what the hell did i just see it was i have no words for it but hahah and wow

  3. JKroxas

    Oct 8th, 2013


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