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"Start of the Year"
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Episode Summary: A euphoric moment of Haruka securing Chiaki's kimono gives way to frustration that Kana is oversleeping along with the consequent compensatory frenzy thereof that does not seem to bother Uchida who (at the cost of her micro-economy) has been enjoying herself at the festival. The fortune that Uchida purchases with Kana's money only amplifies this fact; unfortunately, Uchida takes the fortune too seriously and overlooks that realizing a fortune takes effort on her part. The next arc features Chiaki contrasting fried noodles and their instant-cup brethern with Touma who has no idea what Chiaki is telling her until Haruka returns home with Kana and prepares some tea that Takeru enjoys using old leaves rather than the ones from the first harvest. The arc that follows thereafter details the home visit the school nurse regarding Chiaki who is none too thrilled with the prospect and that Haruka refuses to intercede as Chiaki's guardian. Between Takeru's obliviousness and the school nurse's flirting along with Kana watching the whole thing, poor Chiaki is absolutely mortified. The final arc details Takeru availing a superstition of Takeru's pen pointing to one's desire to find, that points to Kana pulling her usual pranks and a fact that has been demonstrated all throughout. Kana tries it to find her "potential husband" with the pen standing still, she flicks it pointing to the door with doorbell ringing after. turns out it's Fujioka who went out to buy their milk. Fujioka forgotten which floor they are and ended up in the roof. seems the pen was pointing to Fujioka, which everyone noticed but Kana.

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