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Episode Summary: Fujioka approaching Kana with a book for Chiaki and Riko computing the approach thereof gives way to another girl named Hiroko taking notes of the whole scenario from afar before conscripting Riko into an exercise to build up the courage necessary for a confession that flounders. The next arc details Kana conducting her volition of a study session at her home with Keiko and Fujioka that Riko decides to capitalize upon. The study session's academic success contrasts with the fact that Riko has not once confessed her feelings seeming content to enjoy the ambiance of proximity to Fujioka. Fujioka, Riko, and Keiko nearly have a computation crash when they go into the bathroom to find the bathtub covered in order to keep the water hot and decide to shower instead. The arc the follows thereafter details the epilogue of a recent test in which Riko, Fujioka, and Kana's test scores are close to Keiko's perfect score. The final arc begins with a conversation between Makoto and Touma over being given chocolates as a Valentine's Day joke prompting Kana deciding to play Othello after telling Chiaki that she needs to practice celebrating Valentine's Day to gain the experience.

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