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Episode Summary: Touma pays the Minami sisters a visit with an unknown payload whose revelation Chiaki objects in Haruka's absence. Though she inhibits herself for the time being, Kana begins to succumb to avarice when Fujioka comes for a visit. What follows is an exercise in game theory in which Kana leads Chiaki through an enigmatic scenario to obfuscate her volition for having the entire payload to herself since Haruka's estimated arrival time is an unknown variable. Kana's only mistake is that she forgets to consider all the players. The next arc features Haruka and Chiaki being rather vague and indirect about the supermarket and the route thereof as well as a neighborhood dog giving way to Chiaki encountering a shopping list that she suspects that Kana tampered with. The arc thereafter details Hayami comparing notes with Maki regarding Hosaka before she gets the idea to wield Hosaka's computations as her plaything. Hosaka tries befriending Maki and Atsuko but is puzzled when they swiftly flee. The final arc features Haruka taking notes from a cooking show about the preparation of curry while detecting the necessity of visiting the supermarket. Chiaki taking on this stewardship with the very notes that Haruka was taking earlier ends up inspiring Hosaka and herself an extra spicy curry.

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