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"Even In A Quarrel"
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Episode Summary: Touma's ecstasy during the homebound commute is quickly extinguished by Natsuki helping himself to the snack consecrated for that purpose. Thereafter, Touma's sudden arrival on Chiaki's doorstep gives way to the revelation that Touma has an ongoing passive-aggressive dynamic with her brothers and paints a dysphoric snapshot of Touma's family. The next arc details how the Minami sisters deal with an abundance of apples. The arc concludes with the Minami brothers prosecuting protracted and complex computations regarding the utilization of the apple Touma brought back with her. The arc that follows thereafter details Haruka conferring culinary counsel upon Natsuki while Kana and Chiaki discuss Haruka and Natsuki first as individuals and then as a romantic couple. Chiaki dismisses the prospect before directing Kana to finish the curry Haruka is making. Unfortunately, the culinary protocols for both Haruka's curry and Natsuki's cookies get interchanged with dysphoric consequences. The final arc is related to the first and details the conflagration of Touma confronting Natsuki who repels his brothers' attempts to come to their sister's aid. In an attempt to guide her through guarding against this kind of misunderstanding, Kana demonstrates to Touma a form of Japanese script that looks a lot like arithmetic.

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