Minami-ke Tadaima Episode 10 English Subbed

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"We Started Living Green"

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Episode Summary: Haruka decides to be eco-friendly in their house because of last month's utility bill. To Kana and Chiaki's dismay, Haruka doesn't allow use of the kotatsu besides during dinner. Kana sees that Haruka's hands are red in an effort to save money by switching to washing dishes with cold water and decides to do her best at being eco-friendly as well. Takeru comes by and Kana persuades him to take them out to dinner. Chiaki is sick and has not come to school. Makoto and the rest of Chiaki's friends bring healing gifts to Chiaki and end up making sukiyaki with the ingredients. Mako-chan is invited to her house by Kana. It is Pajama Day in the Minami-ke residence and with Kana nowhere to be found, Mako-chan has to protect his identity by himself. He starts questioning whether it would matter or not if he was found out but changes his mind when he sees Haruka in her buttoned-down shirt. Mako-chan urges everybody to go buy sweets just as Chiaki asks him to sleep with her.

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