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"Family Plan"

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Episode Summary: While making bombs for Keigo, Uryu remembers the time she was captured by a detective while confronting the serial killer diary holder. Although they develop a rapport as they evade and defeat the killer, Uryu ends up knocking the detective out to escape. Aru sets up Yuki and Yuno on a date to a bridal fair, while he investigates Yuno's house. When Yuki and Yuno return, they find Aru at the door of the room with the corpses. However, the wall has been demolished and the corpses buried in a deep hole in Yuno's garden. Even though this is Yuno's doing, she has no recollection of the event, nor of Yuki visiting her house before. Aru theorises that Yuno's mental balance is so fragile that she modified her own memories as a defense mechanism. Meanwhile, Keigo frames Yuki and Yuno as suspects for his murder of Hinata's father.

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