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"Reception Outside Range"
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Episode Summary: While the police surround the hospital, Minene takes Keigo's wife and son hostage and tries to bargain with him. However, Keigo is convinced the only way to save his family is to win the survival game and refuses to negotiate. Yuki gets captured by the police, but as Keigo takes hold of him, Yuno appears, holding a grenade. Even when Keigo agrees to let Yuki go, Yuno decides to detonate the grenade, reasoning she'd rather die taking out Keigo than not be with Yuki. The grenade turns out to be a flash bang, knocking everyone out. Meanwhile, Minene sets a timed bomb that goes off shortly after the flash grenade, and tries to escape the hospital, only to run into Nishijima. She tells him about the deal she and Keigo made and how he framed Yuki and Yuno, and they both rush back to the hospital. Yuki regains consciousness and tries to shoot at Keigo, but he uses Yuno as a shield. Despite his diary predicting he will kill Yuno if he shoots, Yuki refuses to give up, proclaiming his love for her. The future somehow changes and Yuki gets a clean shot at Keigo. Minene arrives with Nishijima, who places Keigo under arrest. Since he is now the criminal, and no longer a detective, his Investigation diary stops predicting the future. After learning his family has been rescued, Keigo asks Minene to take care of his son, apologises to Yuki and breaks his own diary, removing himself from existence. Yuki and Yuno are exonerated, thanks to files Keigo left behind, while Minene escapes yet again. A few days later, Aru sends Yuki a text message warning him about Yuno, but she intercepts and deletes it.

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    My best friend told me about this anime and she said she loved it but couldn’t find it anywhere. So, me being me, went on an internet search and I finally found it! I love it so much but Yuki-Kun is such a baby!

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