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Episode Summary: Aru deduces that Marco and Ai have not destroyed Yuki and Yuno's diaries because they want to take advantage of the information they provide. In order to confuse them, he has Uryu feed Yuki false information. Yuki's father visits him in the hospital, but while Yuki's away, he searches the room for his cell phone. Yuno overhears that he has promised to destroy it in return for the cancellation of his substantial debt and realises he is being used by the Eleventh diary holder. Marco, who's learned all about the situation from Yuki's diary, considers Yuki's father a useful link to Uryu and the Eleventh and calls Yuno, demanding that they bring Yuki's father to an abandoned commercial tower. Once they arrive, Marco places Yuki and Yuno's phones on a table and attacks Yuki's father. As Yuki futilely fights Marco, his father goes over to the table and breaks his phone. However, nothing happens. Yuno, who's realised that the phones were decoys, attacks Ai and successfully retrieves both diaries. Just then, Marco and Ai's apprentice friend sets off explosives. The floor under Yuki collapses and both his father and Yuno reach out to grab him. Meanwhile, Nishijima has uncovered the identity of Eighth, a children's caretaker called Kamado Ueshita, and goes to search her orphanage.

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