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Episode Summary: Yuki and Yuno wreak havoc, demanding that Balks release their friends and commit suicide. Balks locks himself in a vault belonging to Yuno's parents' bank, which can only be unlocked by himself, Yuno's parents, and the real Yuno. Uryu, reasoning that Yuki can no longer eliminate Balks for her, starts hunting him. As she does, she tells him how she lost her parents in the Middle East as a child and grew up under the constant threat of death. At the same time, Yuno frees Yuki's friends and goes to kill Kamado, but she is stopped by Aru. In a tense showdown between Uryu and Yuki, the former sees her innocent child self in the latter and lets him shoot her. Uryu then destroys her diary voluntarily in order to detonate a bomb triggered by her death, intending to destroy the vault door for Yuki. However, the door withstands the blast. Yuno arrives, sends Yuki away to destroy HOLON, and somehow manages to open the vault door and kill Balks. A few days later, dark vortices appear all over the city. In Deus' realm, Murmur is panicking over the world ending sooner than expected, when Kamado appears with Aru, who asks Deus if it is really possible for his successor to return the world to the way it was.

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