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Episode Summary: Shocked at Deus' answer, Aru attempts to tell Yuki, but Deus stops him. Deus reveals that Aru is an entity created by him to observe and record information on the survival game and starts disassembling him, promising to spare him if he proves he has done anything out of his own free will. Aru succeeds when he reveals he had Kamado make his diary into an apprentice diary, wishing to change the future and save Yuki. As Yuki and Yuno arrive at Aru's apartment to kill Kamado, they're held off by Aru. Yuno starts fighting Aru, while Yuki chases after Kamado and his friends. When he runs into Hinata, she tells him what Aru learned from Deus: even the divine power bestowed to the winner of the survival game cannot bring the souls of the dead back. Meanwhile, Yuno, who has been cornered by Akise, stabs herself and calls Yuki, tricking him into thinking everyone is deceiving him. Yuki kills Hinata, Mao and Kousaka, believing he can bring them back to life later. Aru reaches Yuki and warns him that Yuno plans to kill him. Yuno catches up to Aru and they fight again. Although Aru breaks Yuno's diary, she doesn't vanish; she produces a second cell phone from her pocket, claiming the first one was a fake, and slashes at Aru's throat. As Yuno kills Kamado, a dying Aru, who knows the diary he destroyed was real, suddenly has an epiphany about Yuno. Since he can no longer talk, he writes a message in his phone and shows it to Yuki, allowing Yuno to finish him off as Deus collapses.

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