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"Handwritten Input"
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Episode Summary: Yuki is unable to tell anyone about the corpses he saw in Yuno's house, fearing she will find out through her diary. The next day, Keigo, Yuki and Yuno visit the Sacred Eye cult, where Uryu is being held prisoner. The cult's leader, Tsubaki Kasugano, is the holder of the Clairvoyance Diary, a scroll which tells the future as seen by her followers and has foretold her death by the end of the day. Since Yuki has already evaded death twice, Tsubaki asks that he stay with her for the night in exchange for handing over Uryu which he accepts, much to Yuno's resentment. At night, Tsubaki's followers fall under the mind control of the diary holder who captured Uryu and close in on Yuki, Yuno and Tsubaki. Yuno starts hacking at the followers with an axe and poses an ultimatum to Yuki: join her or die.

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