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Episode Summary: Knowing from her diary that Yuki's mother is coming home from abroad, Yuno breaks into Yuki's house with the intention of introducing herself to Yuki's mother. Despite Yuki's efforts, his mother and Yuno meet and take a liking to each other. That night, Yuno reveals to Yuki that her diary predicts they will "come together" on a certain date and tells him she will do anything to make sure that future comes to pass. The next day, Yuki's mother brings home Reisuke Houjou, a young boy whose parents were killed at the Sacred Eye incident. Despite his young age and precocious demeanor, Reisuke is a Future Diary owner, plotting Yuno's death.

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    oh shit! the kid actually owns a diary! what very innocent-looking, deceptive killer! o_O

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    hmm, It’s bad when your crazy stalker gets you married off to here, what shall Yuno do next, I sense steamy Bedtim;)

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