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"New Model"

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Episode Summary: Deus calls a meeting of the eight surviving diary holders, one of whom requests to transfer his diary's ownership. Two weeks after Reisuke's disappearance, Yuki and Yuno transfer to a new school, while a series of brutal murders has been terrorizing the area. After school, Yuki and Yuno sneak in one of the crime scenes with Yuki's classmates Hinata, Mao and Kousaka. When Hinata wanders off, Yuki's diary predicts her being attacked. Yuki rushes everyone to the scene, where they find Hinata's body before a pack of vicious dogs. A strange boy called Aru Akise appears and leads everyone to a nearby building. Aru explains that he's one of Yuki's classmates and that he has been investigating the strange events Yuki keeps finding himself involved in. Despite Yuno's mistrust in everyone, Yuki decides to reveal the existence of his diary in order to defend the group against the pack's attacks. After the dogs suddenly retreat, Mao takes Yuki's diary at knifepoint and hands it to Hinata, who is alive and well. Hinata reveals she is the holder of the Breeder Diary and that her real target is Aru, whom she reveals as another diary owner.

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