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"Blocked Call"

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Episode Summary: In a flashback, Hinata receives the Breeder Diary from her dog breeder father, who wants her to eliminate Aru. When Hinata demands Aru's diary, he challenges her to guess which hand he's hiding a coin in, with his diary as the forfeit. Despite using Yuki's diary, Hinata loses and has to release Yuki. Yuno, however, realizes that Aru is not a Future Diary owner, relying on bluff and observation instead. Unfazed, Aru proposes one more round of his game, with Yuki's diary on the line. By intending to tell Yuki that he lost, no matter what the outcome, Aru manages to neutralize Yuki's diary, since its predictions are based on Yuki's perception. With the game thus reduced to a 50/50 gamble, Aru manages to guess correctly. Mao attempts to destroy Yuki's diary, but Yuno injures her. Yuki, Yuno, Aru and Kousaka leave the park, while Hinata uses her diary to send the dog pack after them. Yuki decides to return to Hinata and try to reason with her and save Mao's life, but Yuno reaches her first and threatens to kill her, as well as anyone who attempts to come between her and Yuki. To pacify Yuno, Yuki is forced to declare her his girlfriend. Hinata's father communicates with everyone via radio, explaining that he mistook Aru for a diary owner and warning Yuki about Keigo before being killed by him.

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