Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu! Episode 4 English Subbed

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"Beautiful Trauma"
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Episode Summary: Futaba makes a handmade waterslide which ends up ripping the swimsuits Mitsuba, Miku, Yuki and Miyashita, who are all too embarrassed to admit it first. When Mitsuba nearly drowns after getting a cramp, the others risk embarrassment to save her only to get mocked by her afterwards. Later, Miku shows faked photos of a supposed ghost following Mitsuba around to freak her out, which backfires when Sakiko and Hitoha get involved. At a festival, Futaba notices Shinya looking depressed and tries to cheer him up with underwear. She later learns he has a fever and forced himself to come so he could hang out with everyone. Yuudai comes up with yet another perverted maneuver, but is once again foiled. Later at the city pool, Hitoha almost drowns when her float bursts, but is rescued by Futaba.

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