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"The Silent Classroom"
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Episode Summary: When the Hopeless Squad hears a rumour about writing your crush on an eraser, one of the members, Shiori Itō, writes her name on Shinya's eraser, but Airi figures her out. On Parent's Day, Marina arrives early and decides to survey the class, overhearing that Miku is jealous that she always pay attention to the weird kids instead of her. On Valentine's Day, Mitsuba tries to make Miku jealous of her homemade chocolate, but it backfires when Miku's pricey chocolates taste delicious. Mitsuba, Yuki and Miyashita try to get together to secretly make Miku some cookies for White Day, though their attempts to keep it a secret from her leads Miku to think they hate her. Sakiko meanwhile thinks Miku is dead and grows attached to her, not taking kindly to the White Day gift when it's revealed otherwise. As the girls take their physical exams, the boys decide to hold rankings for the girls, coming to the agreement that they'd be good if they did not talk, which comes to pass when they receive their results.

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