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"If the Bathroom's Locked, Use the Snow"
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Episode Summary: In the minutes leading up to the New Year, Mitsuba occupies the toilet, leaving Hitoha and Futaba desperate after eating some bad oranges. As revenge, Hitoha decides to shut her in, leading her to get stuck in the window when she tries to escape. On Valentine's Day, Soujirou becomes furious that one of the girls is giving someone chocolate and swears revenge on whoever's receiving it. When he impulsively enters the school for that reason, he ends up meeting Shinya who has his own Valentine's woes and helps him to evade the Hopeless Squad. At a parent-teacher meeting, Shinya's mother, Akari, shows concerns about Shinya being stalked by the Hopeless Squad, clashing with different opinions from Yabe and some of the other parents. Ironically, Airi's older brother is a policeman, with Yabe having to act quickly to keep Airi from knowing she's the stalker in question. As snow appears on the playyard, the class becomes fearful when Mitsuba starts throwing snowballs made from snow that Yuudai had peed on. On April's Fools Day, Hitoha becomes so overly cautious about being pranked that she decides not to trust anyone. She ignores Yabe's and walk straight into a post and falls unconscious, only to then be pranked the moment she wakes up.

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