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"Ingram Activated"
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Episode Summary: It's day one of the formation of the second division of the Special Vehicles Unit 2 (SV2). Unfortunately the team seems to be a bunch of misfits. Noa, a girl that loves labors a little too much; Asuma, a cadet who doesn't want to be there; Ota, a gun maniac; Shinshi, a hen picked husband; and Hiromi, a gentle giant of a man. Leading this squad is Captain Goto, a man who seems rather laid back, but is quite a strategist and an excellent cop. Unfortunately their new Patrol Labors (or Patlabors) are stuck in traffic, and they are forced to do some weeding around the hangers. Soon they are dispatched to apprehend an armed terrorist Labor, but first they'll need to retrieve their Patlabors en route to the crime scene from the middle of a traffic jam. After a rather disastrous pick up, they head off to trap the Labor in Ueno park, but both Ota and Noa's Labors are attacked, losing a head and an arm off their Labors respectively. Asuma tells Noa to turn her rage back on the criminal. The criminal has no chance of escaping Noa's anger now.

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