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"The Twisted Colony"
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Episode Summary: Diva was preparing to pull Nora's Core when two new UE approached them so Grudeck decided to confront them first before resuming the operation. The new UEs proved to be a formidable opponent to Flit who started losing his temper but Yurin calmed him down while helping him come up with a plan to effectively take down their opponent. One of the two UEs entered Nora and attacked the control base where Bruzar was located, badly injuring him in the process. Flit is fighting the remaining UE to distract him away from Diva, but when the DOTS rifle's ammo was depleted he stopped the UE by shielding the Gundam in front of Nora and told the UE that he won't let the citizens harmed. To his surprise the UE left. Diva was about to pull the Nora's Core when an large metal debris hindered the core from moving, so Bruzar sacrifices himself by piloting an MS carrying explosives to blow up the debris hindering the core, leaving his hope to Flit and the crew of Diva, Afterwards, Nora was completely destroyed but the core was saved and Diva crew mourning the loss of Bruzar, Flit and Yurin parted but not without Yurin giving her ribbon to Flit in hopes that they'll meet again.

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