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"Over the Rainbow"
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Episode Summary: Banagher and Riddhe continue to fight each other as the Nahel Argama crew and the Sleeves join forces with Conroy's ECOAS troops in taking on the Neo-Zeon forces around Industrial 7. In the ensuing battle, Banagher is able to break away and resupply for the trip to the colony, taking along Mineva while disposing of Angelo along the way. Marida launches in the Kshatriya Repaired to keep Riddhe at bay, however, because of conflicting voices from several people, Riddhe is forced to kill her and later regrets doing it. As a last act, Marida warns everyone of a new threat. Zinnerman aids the Nahel Argama crew in the battle. Banagher and Mineva arrive at Industrial 7 and head towards Magallanica, where Syam Vist and Gael are. Seeing that the two proved themselves as Newtypes through the Unicorn, Syam explains the truth behind Laplace's Box - it is the original Universal Century charter, which had an extra clause stating that people from the space colonies must be involved in the Earth Federation's future government affairs. However, the Federation erased the clause from the version they've been using since the destruction of Laplace in UC0001. Syam explains that Mineva and Banagher were worthy of preserving the Box because the Republic of Zeon was going to lose its autonomy in four years' time. As Syam encourages Mineva to broadcast the information about the Box to the Earth Sphere, Full Frontal appears and asks Syam to give it to him. When Vist refuses, Full Frontal leaves in the Neo-Zeong mobile armor and intends to destroy the Box himself. The mobile armor easily disposes of the ECOAS forces in the area, as well as Gael (who barely manages to buy Banagher enough time to get back to the Unicorn). Banagher and Riddhe take on Full Frontal. As Frontal immobilizes Riddhe, he ensnares Banagher and they make a transcendent trip through time, witnessing various events throughout history (including scenes from the earlier Gundam series). Meanwhile, Bright Noa arrives at Cheyenne Base in North America and, under the guise of an inspection with Londo Bell, comes down to confront Martha Vist Carbine and the Federation leadership over the situation in space. He learns that the Federation is using the Titans' old Gryps II colony laser to destroy Industrial 7 and prevent the opening of Laplace's Box. Ronan Marcenas activates the superweapon over Bright's pleas, but is stunned to hear too late from Alberto Vist that Riddhe is in the line of fire. The Nahel Argama crew is alerted and leaves before the firing, which vaporizes the Neo-Zeon forces. After Full Frontal attempts to sway Banagher's judgement by showing him that the end of time is devoid of life, and that Newtypes cannot hope to change humans' propensity for war, Lalah Sune's spirit appears and tells Full Frontal that the glow of the Newtype phenomena warms the universe. Char Aznable's spirit partly appears and tells Full Frontal that the time has come to pass on, leaving Full Frontal's physical body dead, revealing that he had truly been a vessel for Char's spirit and ideology as he had stated before. As Banagher and Riddhe depart to protect Magellanica, Char, Lalah, and Amuro's spirits soar off into space together with Char saying that the future is up to those left behind. Banagher and Riddhe combine the power of the Unicorns' NT-D drives and stops the Gryps beam as the Magallanica - revealed to be Industrial 7's Colony Bulder - separates from the colony. Mineva addresses the Earth Sphere aboard the Magallanica while Syam passes away. Bright and the Londo Bell take away Martha Vist Carbine for questioning as Alberto asks her to let things go now that the Box was opened. Otto invites Zinnerman for a drink after the post-battle recovery and Angelo regains consciousness to mourn Frontal's death. Having survived the Gryps blast, Banagher awakes and he goes home along with Riddhe, who swears to pursue Audrey.

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