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"The Final Victor"
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Episode Summary: Heero and Zechs begin their final duel against one another. Duo sets off with the Gundam engineers, who intend to rewire Libra so it will destroy itself before it is dropped onto Earth. This objective is eventually accomplished, though it kills the engineers along with Quinze. Lady Une announces the surrender of the World Nation to the moderate colony leaders in the lieu of Treize's death, who agree with her proposal that the war must end. Heero and Zechs continue fighting until they realize that it now has no meaning and Libra will destroy the world. After Zechs apparently sacrifices himself to destroy Libra, Heero, using Wing Zero's twin-barrel buster rifle, destroys the remaining fragment of the station that has entered the atmosphere. Following the end of the war, Earth and the colonies unite together to form the Earth Sphere Unified Nation and Relena becomes the new vice foreign minister in hopes of maintaining the peace.

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