Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 1 English Subbed

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"Tsubasa Tiger, Part One"

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Episode Summary: It's the beginning of the second semester and on her way to the first day of school, Tsubasa has a short meeting with Mayoi who reveals that she has just came from Koyomi's house where she forgot her backpack, but could not retrieve it as he was not at home by that time. Soon after, Tsubasa has an encounter with an apparition in the form of a huge white tiger who just passes by her and upon arriving at school she tells Hitagi about it. Hitagi points out that despite Koyomi is for sure be the best person to assist her, Tsubasa did not call for his help at all, also remembering that in fact he always stood for them without the need of asking him. Some time later, Tsubasa and Hitagi watch smoke rising from afar and Tsubasa discovers that her house is on fire. With her house destroyed and no place to sleep, Tsubasa claims to her parents that she will sleep at a friend's house, but she decides to spend the night at the abandoned cram school where Oshino lived instead. After learning about her situation, Hitagi looks for her and upon finding Tsubasa, she takes her to her house, suspecting that the white tiger she saw might have some connection with the fire. After deciding to skip school for the next day, Hitagi and Tsubasa receive a mail from Koyomi, where he states that he must leave for a while to deal with some business of his and as they are about to take a bath together, Hitagi asks Tsubasa if she still loves Koyomi. Tsubasa instantly replies that she does.

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    Jul 6th, 2013


  2. lurkinggood

    Jul 6th, 2013

    Wonderful. I’m especially glad to see Hitagi again.

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  4. Moldie

    Jul 7th, 2013

    Ok, i’ll just wait for nadeko :3

  5. Sugoisan

    Jul 7th, 2013

    Long live monogatari!

  6. SeoEPC

    Jul 7th, 2013

    So it begins.

  7. FullMetal909

    Jul 7th, 2013

    Can’t even count on crunchyroll…

  8. crnr


    Jul 7th, 2013

    well I’m just overjoyed they made another season >///< I wonder what problems are we gonna face this season????

  9. Taylor

    Jul 7th, 2013

    I’m so happy :*)

  10. fritzce

    Jul 7th, 2013

    Whoever encoded this is a master at encoding. smooth and clear.. I don’t even have to wait for a blu-ray copy. :D

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  12. lurkinggood

    Jul 10th, 2013

    So Hitagi is a great friend, even to a rival. Bless her sweet, slightly bent heart.

  13. ezio

    Sep 21st, 2013

    aw, no araragi no anime, screw this xD , skiped this ep another n gonna skip the whole anime, without him no point in watching :P

  14. lynnwhitex

    Jun 22nd, 2015

    where the hell is araragi???????

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