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"Nadeko Medusa, Part Three"
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Episode Summary: Nadeko awakens in the next day with Tsukihi, who had sneaken into Koyomi's bed with the intention of sleeping beside him, at her side. In the occasion, Tsukihi has Nadeko confess that she always was in love with her brother and realizes that the reason why she still harbors feelings for him it is because it makes easy for her to reject all other boys who ask her out, as she believes that having a proper relationship is too bothersome. Following that, Tsukihi then grabs a pair of scissors and cuts out Nadeko's bangs, claimimg that she is doing her a favour. Later at school, Nadeko's homeroom teacher keeps pressuring her to help him restore the mood along her classmates, but when she tries to ditch him out as usual, she realizes that without her bangs, her face is fully exposed, preventing her from hiding her true feelings and suddenly, she vents out her anger at him for pushing all his work on her and following that, she lashes out at her classmates for refusing to make amends with each other after the charms incident. After school, Kuchinawa reveals that Nadeko's sudden change of behavior is because his presence made her show her true feelings which she usually keeps repressed and claims that he discovered that what he wants Nadeko to seek for him is hidden in Koyomi's house. Nadeko then sneaks there and searches Koyomi's room until she finds a talisman and Kuchinawa, revealing that it is what he was looking for, asks her if she has any wish he could grant her as an act of gratitude. Nadeko then reveals that her wish is to have her feelings for Koyomi become requited, but Koyomi himself steps into the room and asserts that it is not possible.

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  1. Flying Pussyfoot

    Oct 5th, 2013

    Angry Nadeko is best Nadeko

  2. Tom

    Oct 5th, 2013

    Wow! Nadeko cut loose and kicked some her classmates’ asses down the block!

  3. talo

    Oct 5th, 2013


  4. Tom

    Oct 6th, 2013

    The Araragi clan has a self-satisfied, self-righteous cruelty in them when it comes to pointing out other people’s faults, except for Karen. The mom’s the worst. What a freaking bitch (telling Hanekawa earlier in the season that she wasn’t part of the family, as if Hanekawa didn’t know).

    Of course, it the “littlest little sister” here has a really good excuse hiding in her.

    It highlights the fact that Hitagi is fundamentally sweet and kind, despite occasional evidence to the contrary.

  5. Bioshadow

    Nov 20th, 2013

    Yup She Finally Flipped Her Lid

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