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"Hitagi End, Part One"
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Episode Summary: On New Year's Day, Kaiki receives a call from Hitagi requesting his services as a con man. After claiming that he is in Okinawa in an attempt to shake her off, Hitagi affirms that she will take a flight to meet him there, forcing him to do the same to keep his lie from being exposed and Hitagi from killing him. Once meeting at the airport, Hitagi explains her predicament with Nadeko: Hitagi wants Kaiki to trick Nadeko into abandoning her plans to kill Hitagi and Koyomi on their graduation day. With Oshino nowhere to be found despite Tsubasa's attempts to track him down overseas, she has no other option than asking for his assistance. Despite seeing how Hitagi is desperate enough to resort to asking a man she loathes and that she is prepared to attend whatever demand he asks, Kaiki claims that he has no reason to help them at all. After considering the situation for some time, however, he acquiesces after considering their connection with Gaen's niece Suruga.

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  1. lurkinggood

    Nov 23rd, 2013

    Hooray! This series is back in true form!

    And Hitagi is back!

  2. lurkingbad

    Nov 24th, 2013

    Horaay! let forget that sad part!! hooray!! hooray!!

  3. lurkinggood

    Nov 24th, 2013

    Araragi had better hold onto Hitagi; none one else in the world could love him a millionth as much as she does.

  4. Elstender


    Nov 30th, 2013

    Finally I’ve been waiting for soooo long for this….
    Senjougahara and Araragi…!!!

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