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"Hitagi End, Part Two"
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Episode Summary: Kaiki decides to help Hitagi for a mere ¥100,000, much to her surprise. They leave Okinawa on separate flights to not arouse any suspicion. Posing as the father of one of Nadeko's classmates, Kaiki infiltrates her home to search for any clues. Kaiki discovers several suspicious details, such as the fact that Nadeko had only photos of herself without any friends and that her parents, apparently not curious as to the cause of her disappearance, never opened Nadeko's closet as she requested. Kaiki determines that she was a very spoiled child. After a brief phone conversation with Hitagi, Kaiki decides to visit the Polar Snake Shrine to learn more about Nadeko. Immediately upon Kaiki making a donation at the shrine, a mysteriously cheerful Nadeko appears. Apparently, Kaiki is her first visitor, despite Nadeko's best efforts at renovating the shrine. Kaiki asks her several questions about her relationship with Koyomi, confirming her twisted conception of unrequited love and that she still means to kill Koyomi and Hitagi. Kaiki takes his leave after giving Nadeko some yarn for cat's cradle to occupy her time, promising to return before she perfects any patterns.

4 Responses to “Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 22”

  1. lurkinggood

    Nov 30th, 2013

    This arc is hands-down the best this season, as far as I’m concerned. Cute little Nadeko is CRAAAZY.

  2. Elstender


    Nov 30th, 2013


  3. razerchuk

    Dec 1st, 2013

    Ah Jeez, everyone stop going on and on and on about Nadeko and realize the greatness of having Kaiki constantly onscreen! That’s the very best part of koimonogatari; being in Kaiki’s head! And we have four more episodes of this, I believe…

  4. lurkinggood

    Dec 1st, 2013

    Well sure, Kaiki is great, but Nadeko is a great adversary for him, and to be frank, all I really care about is Hitagi.

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