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"Hitagi End, Part Six"
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Episode Summary: Kaiki realizes that he failed to deceive Nadeko because she never trusted him at all, and because she was previously deceived by Ougi into claiming the charm and becoming a god. Nadeko unleashes a swarm of snakes onto the entire Polar Snake Shrine, immobilizing Kaiki. Believing that he was sent by Koyomi, she contemplates killing his sisters, Kanbaru, Hanekawa and Mayoi as well to punish him, until Kaiki reveals that he found out her secret aspiration to become a manga artist, as many drawings were hidden in her private closet. Embarrassed for having her secret revealed, Nadeko starts punching and kicking Kaiki as he tries to persuade her. He claims that eventually her parents will open the closet as well and find out about her secret, unless she renounces her godhood and returns home. After convincing her that she should forget about Koyomi entirely and pursue her true ambitions instead, she agrees to get deceived again. Kaiki implants a fake slug apparition into her body to have her uncounscious during the exorcism, but he's interrupted by Koyomi rushing into the shrine. Claiming that he was sent by Gaen as a professional to deal with Nadeko, Kaiki extracts the snake charm from her body and returns it to him. Kaiki also instructs Koyomi to cut all connections with Nadeko for her sake, as she must move on with her life by herself - his relationship and romance with her would only make her a useless human being. After calling Hitagi and confirming that his job is done, Kaiki bids farewell to her and realizes that the secret message at his hotel was sent by no other than Hitagi herself, as she knew it would have him push further with his job instead of discouraging him, and Gaen's message to him probably was for the same purpose. As he leaves the city, Kaiki is ambushed and mortally wounded by one of the middle schoolers he formerly deceived, possibly the one who cursed Nadeko, and before he passes out he hears Ougi's name, implying that he was sent by her. As Kaiki is losing consciousness, the middle schooler stabbed him once again.

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  1. lurkinggood

    Dec 28th, 2013

    Wow… Great ending!

  2. lurkingbad

    Dec 28th, 2013

    this is lurkinggood eh?

  3. Regnier


    Dec 28th, 2013

    holy crap… AMAZING ending to an AMAZING season. I can’t wait for the next one. :) Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

  4. kevin

    Dec 28th, 2013

    Kaiki is not dead fools trust me on this.

  5. lurkinggood

    Dec 28th, 2013

    kevin -


    Who are you, Excalibur?

  6. Adyen

    Dec 28th, 2013

    The one universal force of nature that can shut up every young girl no matter what kind of madness they’re caught within. :)

  7. TheFoolyOne

    Dec 29th, 2013

    wow what an ending i love this series

  8. greenboxer


    Jan 27th, 2014

    lol time freezing as she got embarassed by kaiki XD
    anyway, i wonder when araragi will learn how to fight properly, all of this time he always got kicked in the ass, wanna see some great fighting scene, just like he did with kanbaru-monkey however next time i hope he would return the punch not just receiving them :D

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