Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 8 English Subbed

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"Mayoi Jiangshi, Part Two"
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Episode Summary: Realizing that he traveled to a day before Mayoi's death, Koyomi decides to save her and prevent that she becomes a ghost. While looking for directions, he and Shinobu meet a six-year-old Tsubasa who, suspicious of him, points them to the nearby police station where they learn Mayoi's address and return in the following day planning to guide her safely to her mother's house, but after hours of waiting, Mayoi's father appears and they learn from him that she had left home early in the morning. Koyomi manages to meet Mayoi at the same place where they first met, but after scaring her away, he saves her from being hit by a truck and his plan to prevent her death succeeds. However, after returning to the present, Koyomi realizes that his actions changed drastically the course of history as according to him, it led the world to its destruction.

11 Responses to “Monogatari Series: Second Season Episode 8”

  1. lurkinggood

    Aug 25th, 2013

    Excellent! A full return to form.

    That damn Araragi has got to get over his pedophile hang ups, though.

  2. sao


    Aug 25th, 2013

    Ararararararararaarara-kun…… Like you can talk……

  3. tsukasa

    Aug 25th, 2013

    d(^w^ )

  4. fritzce

    Aug 25th, 2013


  5. Bonichon

    Aug 25th, 2013


  6. josephkeda

    Aug 25th, 2013


  7. nightfox

    Aug 25th, 2013


  8. chamber

    Aug 25th, 2013


  9. SeoEPC

    Aug 25th, 2013

    Gotta download! = D

  10. Animecon

    Aug 26th, 2013

    I’m freaking down wit this, the first 5 episodes were so boring, I missed Araragi, but now this anime is back to its former greatness, i not better.

  11. lurkinggood

    Aug 26th, 2013

    I loved the first five eps, but Hanekawa’s story isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

    I love that hot kitty, though.

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