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"Herr Dr. Tenma"
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Episode Summary: After successfully performing an operation on famous Opera Singer F. Rosenbach at Eisler Memorial Hospital, Head of Neurosurgery Dr. Kenzou Tenma is accosted by the wife of a deceased Turkish construction worker who demands to know why her husband wasn't treated first even though the Opera Singer arrived much later. At dinner, he brings this up with Director Heinemann's daughter Eva stating that Dr. Becker took too long to treat the Turkish man which resulted in the man's death. Regretting his actions, Dr. Tenma decides to uphold his principles when the twins Johan and Anna Liebert arrive at the hospital and he decides to operate on Johan Liebert when Chief of Surgery Dr. Oppenheim and a phone call from Director Heinemann tell Dr. Tenma to operate on the Mayor of Düsseldorf who arrives afterwards after collapsing on his holiday retreat.

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